Saturday, May 29, 2010

Latest Efforts

Went to see the Washington Nationals (Nats) play the San Diego Padres at Petco Park last night. Before the game I caught up with Debbi Taylor of MASN - Mid-Atlantic Sports Network - the network that televises the Nats and Baltimore Orioles games. Back in May 2008 when I threw out the first pitch before a Padres game, Debbi interviewed me live during the MASN game telecast.

Last night Debbi taped another interview with me in the stands - right above the dugout - and we talked about the PFA tour. At the end of the interview she said, "We need to get Tom in DC for a first pitch." She said the interview should air sometime this weekend during a Nats/Padres game telecast.

I gave Debbi a promotional portfolio that she said she would pass along to the appropriate folks in the Nats organization. She was very enthusiastic about the Tour and I hope she can help me out along the way.

After the interview I stayed at the dugout during Nats batting practice, along with all the kids hoping for autographs, until Nats manager Jim Riggleman left the field. I met him briefly at a Nats/Padres game last season and found we had alot in common, as he is a DC area native too - grew up in Rockville, MD. As he left the field I caught his attention with a Rockville reference. I think he remembered me, but he thought I wanted his autograph. I said no, I wanted to give him something. I then passed over several copies of my baseball card. I told him about the Tour, and how I wanted to add the Nationals stadium to my list. Instead of a brush-off, he asked WHEN I wanted to be there. Having done my homework I was able to reference Nats homestands in early July vs. the Mets and the Padres. He said "ok" and walked off with my card in hand.

So I hope that I get an invite pitch at a Nats game - and maybe an Orioles game, too. Will keep you posted.


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